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Al Rayan Bank provides the largest range of Sharia compliant retail financial products in the UK. Since 2004, Al Rayan Bank has helped tens of thousands of customers, Muslim and non-Muslim, buy their own homes, save for their children’s future and expand their businesses without compromising their values.

As well as being guaranteed that their money will never be invested in any activity not permitted under Sharia, Al Rayan Bank is committed to transparency and fairness, integrity and respect, putting the customer at the heart of its business.

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We set out with an idea to provide our community with a reliable, transparent, and most importantly, accessible investment product.
Our portfolios have been designed to help you get started regardless of your account size.

Oasis offers a comprehensive product range designed to meet the needs of socially responsible and ethical investors, including the Shari’ah compliant products. These regulated products have an excellent track record and are managed by a team of qualified and experienced investment professionals who ensure that the management process applied to each of these funds adheres to the Oasis philosophy of investment excellence. Oasis products have earned a number of awards through the years and continue to be ranked highly by independent global rating agencies. Each of our products offers simplicity, cost efficiency, flexibility and transparency to investors. Should you require assistance with selecting a product range please speak to our accredited investment advisors to build an investment portfolio that meets your individual needs.

USI Money is a unique foreign exchange provider offering bespoke solutions to both individual and corporate clients.

If you are looking for Spot or Forward buys or possibly want us to become your exchange department and monitor rates for you, our flexible approach makes USI Money the ideal partner to trade your FX with.

The Dawah Project is an Islamic education charity registered in the UK. We provide exceptional Islamic knowledge primarily through the media utilising TV (Islam Channel Sky 806), Radio (Radio Campaigns in Africa), Visual Interaction (International Dawah Centre) and Digital Media (Ilma Magazine).

stablished In 2006, Teebah Foundation Is One Of UK’s Registered Charities; Providing Long-Term Solutions To Combat Poverty Around The World. We Believe That Every Human Being Has The Right To Live.

“Teebah Foundation” Was Named After The Holy City Of Madinah Where The Prophet (PBUH) And His Companions Sought Refuge And Shelter. Hence, We Thought That The Name Fits In Perfectly With Our Theme Of Universal Refuge And Sanctity. The Word “Teebah” Itself Is An Arabic Noun (Sometimes Can Be An Adjective) Which Means Pure And Good.


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For savers, homeowners and businesses prepared to think differently, we offer a genuine alternative to conventional banks.We believe in a transparent, fair and socially responsible system of finance, grounded in Shariah principles.y sharing risk and reward in an equitable way, we offer a balanced approach to banking for everyone.

Innovating flavours, precision cuts, pushing boundaries and stretching the limits of those unconditioned taste buds. Re inventing and revolutionising steak dining.
Originating in early 2008 we took the known into the unknown; taking the all so common beef steak, tenderising, marinating with unique flavours and serving in our sizzling Steakout style…the result? It went down a treat! Soon after we became the most recognised casual steak dining restaurant in the UK.

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