Saeeda Ahmed

Saeeda Ahmed is a thought leader and entrepreneur successfully spanning over 20 years of solution driven projects which benefit the economy, society and industry. What drives her passion is lasting, sustainable change for society and the economy. She has designed successful labour market pro-grammes which meets the needs of industry, the economy and society. Extensively networked and a solutions driven with proven results.
Saeeda is involved on a global level on the development and growth of the halal economy from a eth-ical and socially responsible model perspective. She has extensive contacts with British and Europe-an businesses and networks in halal supply chains. This includes food and drink, cosmetics, fashion, pharmaceutical, consultancy and financial services. Saeeda will be co-launching existing/new prod-ucts and services with international industry and education partners. This includes the launching of ground breaking global programmes and initiatives to be launched in 2019. Saeeda undertook a de-gree in Accountancy at the University of Huddersfield and successfully completed a Masters Degree in Community Enterprise at the University of Cambridge. Her dissertation was on ‘Women’s Leader-ship in the social enterprise sector. Saeeda is a Power 100 winner, Millennium Award winner, finalist for Centrica New Statesmen upstarts social enterprise award 2001 and 2002 and a fellow for the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Saeeda is involved in various Youth and Women’s empowerment, Leadership and enterprise related networks. She has designed projects which support faith leaders into entrepreneurship, accredited qualifications and empowerment.
Saeeda has spearheaded a global partnership with key Malaysian, Singaporean and Middle Eastern industry and educational institutions and British partners to create a win-win solution. These pro-grammes will not only benefit the British and Malaysian economies, industries and education sector but also provide considerable global opportunities for to export to the rest of the world. Saeeda is fa-cilitating the creation of a profitable and ethical global gateway to halal products and services which will benefit both economies and beyond.