Baroness Uddin


Manzila Pola, Baroness Uddin is a campaigner of women’s rights and activist in the cause of anti-racism, anti-colonialism and a strong advocate on supporting women’s participation in the public spheres. She was elevated to House of Lords as the first Bangladeshi and Muslim in 1998, in recognition for her role, influence and impact on the advancement of women’s and disability rights and championing social justice, particularly in the East End of London.

Throughout her Parliamentary career, she has been an advisor to various government departments in relation to engagement with women and Muslim communities, particularly in order to ensure minority women and women’s organisations across the country are involved and participate in activities of various government department and are able to have their say

Her current passion is standing a National Exhibition, celebrating the immense contribution of Muslim women to Britain over the past 50 years. She is blessed with grandchildren and children